Lighting art

Damei Shenzhen, Shengliang | Brief Analysis of Shenzhen Bay Lighting Planning

As a sub-center of Shenzhen city, Nanshan Houhai Central District of Shenzhen Bay has superior landscape resources, especially the unique coastal water surface, which makes the whole city interface more elegant and natural. Since the beginning of lighting design, we have integrated lighting into the lives of citizens with the aesthetic and natural design concept.

Link the Better World with Light as Media

Futian is the political center of Shenzhen, and Nanshan is the capital of innovation. Compared with the lighting show in Futian Civic Center, the lighting performance in Nanshan is more to show the development characteristics of Nanshan. In addition to innovative ability, Nanshan is close to the mountains and the sea, full of humanistic flavor. Due to the limitation of incoherent Lighting City interface, the design team proposed a project design scheme that let different color systems show different themes, and the style is aesthetic, abstract, romantic, and the rhythm is relaxed, which makes light become the urban background of Houhai. For this reason, Dasheng Design Team led by Du Jianxiang has repeatedly revised and determined the design scheme, striving to create a comfortable, beautiful, safe and orderly lighting environment, and naturally integrate into urban life.

Draft Conceptual Design Animation

Show the most beautiful Shenzhen Bay with the rhythm and color of aesthetic and capitalist freehand brushwork

Deepening Scheme Design Animation

The most beautiful Shenzhen Bay is conveyed and deduced according to the city characteristics and cultural connotations of Shenzhen and Nanshan.

Lighting Evaluation of Display Interface

From the coastal point of view, the fluctuation is large, and it can not form a proportionate surface, which is not conducive to the media wall. Houhai headquarters enterprises are piled up and new high-end headquarters buildings are built, each of which has its own lighting design. It is difficult to coordinate the unified implementation.

Harmony but not sameness

The choice of the main venue of the Lighting Show in Houhai Central District and the talent Park as the best viewing point have been considered many times. Firstly, as the super headquarters base of high-tech enterprises, high-rise buildings are the best choice for the interface of lighting city; secondly, talent park has a large area of water, wide vision, and is the best observation point of lighting skyline. But there are also some shortcomings in this site selection, such as poor community and poor coherence. It is difficult to build a piece of media wall like the urban interface of the Lighting Show in the Citizen Center.

To sum up the two, Dasheng Design Team took advantage of their strengths and weaknesses at the beginning of the design. In terms of color and pattern changes, Nanshan emphasized ecology, science and technology innovation, talent introduction and other factors. Harmony and difference was an important concept of Nanshan Lighting Show at the beginning of the design.

Houhai Coastal Business Life Center, with the most unique skyline on the coastline, has a good perspective of the skyline. It is Shenzhen's "city scenery film". Under the night, the skyline formed by the silhouette is imaginative.

Spring rain moistens things, weather is thousands of

Houhai, as the coastal life center of Shenzhen, with the theme of "spring rain", represents the Houhai center of Shenzhen under the guidance of reform and opening up, spraying out of thin buildings, bred under the spring rain, blooming with infinite vitality, spring rain represents hope, represents the beginning, represents vitality and vitality. A year's plan lies in spring. Spring is beautiful. It is the beginning of a year's good life for people. Everything is revived and everything is vigorous. It symbolizes that many enterprises are blooming in the land of Houhai Center.

Lighting centers on "bamboo shoots", implying that China's reform and opening up began in Shenzhen, breaking cocoons and taking the first step, then springing up vigorously, thriving and unstoppable like bamboo shoots after rain, and then opening up a variety of lighting themes matching buildings.

Shenzhen is the window of China's reform and opening up, and Nanshan is the first place to launch reform and opening up. In the past, when it comes to lighting shows, people have different opinions and criticisms. Behind the beautiful lights, the problem of light pollution in the city is reflected. At the beginning of the project, the requirements for the selected lamps were made. All the lamps in the lighting show were treated with soft light, even if they looked directly at the picture, they would not glare, so that everyone could enjoy the beauty while their lives would not be disturbed.