Full Opening of Maritime World and Opening of the First International Lighting Festival in Shenzhen

Opening of the Maritime World and the First International Lighting Festival in Shenzhen

On the evening of Dec. 20, in the cold wind below 10 degrees Celsius, under the witness of the attention of the public, the marine world created by the real estate investment was officially opened. At the same time, the first International Lighting Water Saving Show of "Chasing, Tracing, Light and Jing" of the maritime world opened in 2013. This International Lighting Festival is not only the first time in the world at sea, but also the first time in Shenzhen.

On the scene of the event, the sea world gave back the expectations of tens of thousands of people around Shuixiu that night with its magnificent open water show, gorgeous creative lighting works and original exotic cuisine. More than a dozen lighting masters have created nearly 30 original lighting works, which are creative with the city, or imagine the future, or describe the seabed, or just some spiritual moments of life, showing their love for life and eternal pursuit of beauty.

After the lighting ceremony, Xiao Zhengnan, Han Wei, Liu Xijun, Zhu Lanlan, Mokolo band and other popular performers performed on stage. The diffuse lights, the passionate music, the splendid water show, the surging crowd, the big and small Nanshan and Shekou Bay will also be overwhelmed.

It is reported that the International Lighting Festival on the Sea World will continue until February 16, 2014, without any door or free visit. At the same time, the Panoramic Open Water Show on the Sea will always be free to the public. You can watch it at the Waterscape Plaza behind the Minghua Wheel at 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 on Friday, 7:00 on Sunday and 8:00 on Thursday.

Fashion and Classics: Avatar, Charles de Gaulle, Iron Man, Babylonia

International Lighting Festival exhibitions in the world of the sea include panoramic water show, golden treasure, Minghua wheel, star-picked moon, paradise on earth... Among them, Panoramic Water Show is built by investment of 30 million yuan in real estate. It is the largest and 360-degree perspective in Shenzhen, with a maximum of 50 meters. The perfect combination of light and water show, like flowing colorful silk and flexible fans in dance, gives the fountain unlimited vitality to arouse people's thoughts, sighs, surprises and jumps. Unique visual feast of water and fire, light and film! The contrast highlights the tolerance, ease and elegance of the maritime world.

Jin Yuanbao Architecture, designed by the architect of Avatar, supports a huge building like a spaceship with a linear bracket full of futuristic feeling. It symbolizes that the sea world will take this as a new starting point and move towards the future brilliant legend. The memory spanning three generations has undergone 51 years of changes. From the ANCEEVILLA, a special cruise ship for President de Gaulle in France, to the Minghua, a cruise ship crossing the ocean and taking root on the west coast of Shenzhen, Deng Xiaoping's handwritten inscription has also made the maritime world a legendary start.

"Star-picking and Moon-picking" is the art of steel carving, automobile housing, bearings and other parts of the head and chest, exhaust pipes, gears and other transformed into arms and weapons, steel plates, tires and other welded into legs............................................................................. The ornamental value and artistic value can be further enhanced.

[Paradise on Earth] is a colorful and exotic Babylonian building. It combines with the fantastic plant element lamp like a dream to form a beautiful fairyland on earth. No matter day or night, the scenes are like poems and dreams. It gives people a feeling of relaxation and joy, like being in the world of heaven, like being in the heaven on earth, and making people linger. Forget it.

Establishing a new international coastal city, attracting investment blossoms

As the founder of the new maritime world, Merchants Real Estate wants to show Shenzhen people an international coastal new city, which gathers catering, entertainment, shopping, nine o'clock, office, art and vacation. Leisure and living in one. It includes three Class-A office building projects with landmark significance, including China Merchants Plaza, Financial Center Phase II and Prince Plaza, Woods Apartment and high-grade coastal residential buildings such as Whale Hill Xianghai, Cultural and Art Center, Hilton Hotel and World Plaza on the Sea, etc.

The 37-storey 211-metre-high landmark building Merchants Plaza has been completed. At present, 11 storeys have been rented in. Three of the units that have been stationed in the office are the top 500 enterprises in the world. While Woods Apartment has only soup villas and fewer than a few top villas on sale, Whale Hill Xianghai Liushui villas are quietly sold out. And after Woods Apartment and Whale Hill, the top work in the past five years, the investment promotion double seals, will be in full swing.

As the first 100 million-dollar luxury housing project for investment real estate and Shekou, Shuangxi project has a land area of nearly 80,000 feet and a planned construction area of 160,000 feet. On Dec. 20, China Merchants Bureau real estate has undergone three years of remolding of the new world - the sea world blooming in an all-round way, matching the Hong Kong Seal of the global Bay Area luxury housing benchmark - China Merchants Seal is also about to flourish.

In addition, the first regional complex in Pingshan, Pingshan Merchants Garden City, opened brilliantly in Pingshan Central Park on November 30, with 2 to 4 hardbound 567 75-130_hardbound units. All the houses sold out on that day, with an average price of 14500 yuan per_. At present, the launch time of the second batch of residential units is yet to be determined, and another 50,000 sq m commercial street VIP upgrade is being processed, and 20,000 to 100,000 discounts are recognized.

Maritime World International Lighting Festival