Governor Zhu Xiaodan of Guangdong Provincial Government praised the project of Lulang International Tourism Town in Tibet

From March 19 to 22, 2015, Governor Zhu Xiaodan of the Guangdong Provincial Government led a delegation of the Party and Government of Guangdong Province to Linzhi, Tibet, to investigate the docking and assistance work, and focused on the construction project in Linzhi, Tibet, Lulang International Tourism Town. The main members of the delegation are Xu Shaohua, standing vice governor of Guangdong Provincial Committee, Li Feng, secretary-general of provincial government, director of general office, Yuan Baocheng, mayor of Dongguan City, etc. Ding Ye, Standing Committee and standing vice-chairman of the Party Committee of Tibet Autonomous Region, is participating in the inspection activities. Dasheng Huanyi, as the general lighting planning and design unit, joins in the on-site inspection activities and reports to the government of the autonomous region.

Background of the project:

Lulang, Tibet, is situated on the Sichuan-Tibet Road, about 80 kilometers from Bayi Town, Linzhi District, at an altitude of 3700 meters. The hills on both sides consist of shrubs and dense firs and pine trees, respectively. The Lulanglin Sea, a town with natural oxygen bar and beautiful eastern Switzerland, has once again become the focus of attention because of the construction of "international tourism town".

Lulang International Tourism Town Project is a Tibetan aid project in Guangdong Province, including municipal projects, public construction projects, water conservancy and landscape projects and commercial development projects. According to the design concept of "Tibetan culture, natural ecology, sanctity and tranquility, modern fashion", the project is designed by the China Urban Design Research Center of Peking University. Shenzhen Dasheng Environmental Art Co., Ltd. is responsible for the overall urban conceptual architectural design, and Shenzhen Dasheng Environmental Art Co., Ltd. is responsible for the overall lighting planning and design.