Qualification honor

Member of China Lighting Society in 2004

Member of Shenzhen Lighting Society in 2005

Membership Unit of Environmental Art Professional Committee of China Construction Culture and Art Association in 2009

Director Unit of Guangdong Decoration Industry Association in 2012

Excellent Landscape Design Institutions in China in 2013

Independent Innovation of Top 100 Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Shenzhen in 2014

Membership Units of Shenzhen SME Development Promotion Association in 2014

2014 "Zhaoxin Lighting Weekly Cup" China Lighting Application Design Competition National Final City Landscape Bronze Award

2009 Guangdong Province "Lingnan Cup" Outstanding Lighting Designer Title

2009 Guangdong Province Decoration Project Meritorious Designer Title

Excellent Decoration Engineering Designer in 2010

2008-2016 Member of Chinese Lighting Designers Association

In 2010, he participated in the drafting and production of the acceptance criteria for decoration and decoration of residential buildings in Guangdong Province. He is the member of Guangdong Decoration Industry Association.

The first prize of the 2011 Guangdong Lingnan Cup Decoration Project Applied Design Skills Competition

"Professional Judges" in Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Product Competition in 2012

The Golden Finger Award in 2012 is the annual large-scale selection of "Top Ten Excellent Lighting Designers Award" in China's lighting industry.

Gold Prize of Guangdong Lingnan Cup Decoration Project Design Competition in 2012

Guangdong Provincial Employee Vocational Skills Competition Decoration Project Design No. 1 in 2012

Expert Working Committee of Guangdong Decoration Industry Association in 2013

Invited Editorial Board of China Landscape Yearbook in 2013

May 1st Labor Medal of Guangdong Province in 2013

2015 Aladdin Lamp Award National Top Ten Engineering Awards

2015 Zhongzhao Award for Engineering Design (Outdoor Class) National Second Prize

2015 Lighting Weekly Cup (Zhurong Award) First Prize

Guangdong Provincial "Lingnan Cup" Excellent Decoration Engineering Award in 2013

2014 Lighting Weekly Cup Lighting Design and Application Competition National Event Award

The 2016 Aladdin Lamp Award is the top ten National Engineering awards... .