Company Profile

Shenzhen Dasheng Environmental Art Co., Ltd. is a lighting design institute established in Shenzhen, China, in 2003. The company has the first-class qualification of lighting engineering design, adhering to the design concept of "less is more" and abiding by the innovative spirit of lighting design, paying attention to the awareness of commercial cost, and striving to maximize the artistic value and commercial value.

Services cover urban planning, landscape design, landscape design, architectural design, space design, art design and other fields. Since 2011, DASUN has joined forces with Houston Evidence Design, a well-known design company in the United States, to share technology and information resources. It has provided lighting design services for more than 100 well-known brands and government and municipal units at home and abroad, with footprints in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the United States. He has won nearly 100 awards at home and abroad, such as Aladdin Divine Lamp Award, Grade A Special Qualification of Lighting Engineering, Zhurong Award, Lingnan Cup Design Award, Golden Finger Award and so on. He is an internationally competitive lighting design institution.

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