Domestic institutions

Dasheng Environmental Art Co., Ltd. is the earliest company in China to enter the field of lighting design, focusing on urban planning lighting design, architectural lighting design and interior design, large-scale commercial complex lighting design, etc. The design team has top-notch and rich experience in the industry, and has accumulated more than 100 well-known successful cases.

The design team is committed to integrate design thinking, based on the analysis of market demand, through the professional coordination of aesthetics and overall space, multi-dimensional lighting design allows consumers to experience the aesthetics of lighting design from visual, tactile, auditory, sensory, emotional and other aspects.


Du Jian Xiang

Jason Du

Founder of Shenzhen Dasheng Environmental Art Co., Ltd.

Executive Director, Dasheng Lighting Design Consulting Company, USA

Special Expert of Guangdong Decoration Industry Association

"Goldfinger" Award for Top Ten Excellent Lighting Designers

Outstanding Lighting Designer of Lingnan Cup in Guangdong Province

Senior Member of CLDA

Mr. Du Jianxiang, a member of Shenzhen Lighting Society, an outstanding lighting designer and decoration engineer of Lingnan Cup in Guangdong Province, a senior member of Goldfinger National Top Ten Excellent Lighting Designers, Chinese Lighting Designers Association (CLDA), and a chief designer of Dasheng Environmental Art Company, has participated in drafting "Guangdong Residential Decoration Acceptance Standard" for many years and has been engaged in lighting design. Experience, including urban planning, architecture, landscape, interior and other commercial and comprehensive design; at the same time, as a special professor of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, actively promote the development of lighting design in China.